Passionate about my craft, I spend most of my free time building and learning. Please check out my projects below to see what I have been up to.







Competitive Programming

Bug Bounty Hunting


Penetration Testing


Relational DBMS (MySQL, postgres)

Non Relational Databases (Mongo, DocumentDB)


Message Queue (RabbitMQ, BullMQ, ZeroMQ)

Containers and container orchestration (Docker, Docker Compose, K8S[alittle])


Full Stack Developer

Addis Software addissoftware.com

Jul 2022 to PresentAddis Ababa, Ethiopia

As a full stack developer, I am responsible for the development of the company's web applications. This ranges from the understanding of the client's requirements, planning and designing the architecture of the application, developing the application, as well as testing and deploying the application. It is here where I got to truly learn how to work well with a team. Communication is key, and I believe that I have improved my communication skills greatly since I started working here. Major technologies I use include: - React.js along with Redux and Redux Saga for the frontend - Node.js along with Express.js for the backend API - AdminBro for the admin panel - MongoDB with Mongoose for data persistence - Docker and Docker Compose for containerization and orchestration

  • Worked with a team of talented developers to build features on time and to the client's satisfaction
  • Helped maintain and improve at one of the company's flagship products, a web application for managing backlinks
  • Developed a proprietary suggestion engine for the company's flagship product
  • Integrated payment functionality into the company's flagship product

Full Stack Development

Fl0 fl0.com

Sep 2021 to PresentRemote (Australia)

As part of the Customer Success team, I'm working on various projects, features, bug fixes, and overall improvements to FL0's customers and their products. I've had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects, ranging from demo MVP applications, to full blown web applications, and even integrating new features to existing products.

Freelance Software Engineer

Upwork linkedin.com

May 2021 to PresentRemote

I started freelancing on Upwork while I was still a student, working with over half a dozen clients. For the most part, I worked as a solo developer working on individual projects closely with my clients.

  • Worked on a custom telegram client/manager that managed a group of over 10000 members
  • Developed a fully automated web application that scraped live to-the-second data from a prominent website and send notifications along with automated checkouts
  • Developed an automated bot to complete a booking at a specific time

Junior Technical Consultant


Aug 2020 to Dec 2020Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Competitive Programming Division Head

CSEC-ASTU linkedin.com

Sep 2019 to Aug 2020Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia

Adama Science and Technology University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and Engineering

Dec 2018 to Jul 2022

Bronze Medalist at the 2019 South African Regional ICPC Competition

ICPC - International Collegiate Programming Contest

Gold Medalist at the 2018 Ethiopian Collegiate Programming Contest

ICPC - International Collegiate Programming Contest

Git Essential Training: The Basics


Silver Medalist at the 2020 Ethiopian Collegiate Programming Contest

ACPC Club M.E.T Academy

Bronze medalist at the 2021 Ethiopian Collegiate Programming Contest

ACPC Club M.E.T Academy

Silver Medalist at the 2021 Ethiopian National CTF competition



Third place on the Ethiopian National Cyber-Security CTF


Aug 2020

Second Place at the 2020 Ethiopian Collegiate Programming Contest


Mar 2020

Third place at South-African Regional Collegiate Programming contest


Jan 2019

First place at Ethiopian Collegiate Programming contest


Feb 2018

Amharic ⋅ Native

English ⋅ Full Professional


Cyber Security

Backend Development


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Open Source Activity

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Pull Requests: 38
Contributed Repos: 9
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Watched Repos: 77
Organizations: 3
Public Gists: 1037