Hi!, I’m Geshan, a senior backend software engineer with 11+ years of experience.
I develop products in PHP, Javascript (node.js), Mysql which help meet business goals. I love to ship them lean, functional and very reliable!

PHP 10 years Expert

MYSQL 10 years Advanced


Senior Software Engineer

THE ICONIC theiconic.com.au

Aug 2018 to PresentSydney, Australia

Worked on the squad OKRs to help the team meet the objectives and help the customer service and other departments.

  • Worked mainly on backend microservices written in PHP (Symfony) and some frontend apps using Vue Js, with unit testing and high test code coverage.
  • Assisted the customer service squad in automation of refunds, reduced the time spent by CS agents by 40%.
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Open Source Activity

Public Repos: 77
Pull Requests: 547
Contributed Repos: 16
Starred Repos: 76
Watched Repos: 151
Organizations: 5
Public Gists: 10