Innovative Full Stack Developer with 11 years experience with microservices, distributed systems, relational and search databases, and the latest UI frameworks. Personally, I enjoy learning and working with IoT/hardware projects. Outside of work you'll catch me rock climbing, playing disc golf, or basketball.

JS/TS/Node, C#, Golang

React, Apollo, Redux, React Native, GraphQL, Electron, Angular

SQL Server, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Solr, Mongo, Influx, Prometheus

Kubernetes, Serverless, Docker, Pulumi, GH Actions

EKS/RDS/MSK/ElastiCache/Cloud Run

RabbitMQ, Kafka, Google Pub/Sub

Tableau, SSIS


Senior Application Engineer

HD Supply

Oct 2022 to PresentRemote

Worked on internal credit card team that The Home Depot directly integrated with for all their point of sales along with delivering new and existing products on different teams for supporting internal company processes

  • Drove a green field pricing management product by working closely with product getting feedback on wireframes, iterating with component driven design, and designing backend and data architecture to support their needs
  • Jumped on an existing material waste regulation application that was behind schedule and helped complete project ahead of UAT goals using GCP Cloud Run micro services and React
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to redesign credit card management workflows along with helping scale transaction and authorization services serving over 1000 location's point of sale systems in .NET and Kubernetes

Full Stack Engineer

IronNet Cybersecurity ironnet.com

Jul 2021 to Oct 2022Remote

Full stack engineer working on the UX gateway to collective defense cyber security to reach IPO

  • Transitioned an in-house CI tool to IaC (Pulumi) to deploy clusters. Uses various AWS services: EKS, VPC Peering, RDS, ElastiCache, MSK, ECR, EC2, and OpenSearch
  • Designed MITRE ATT&CK solution by working with other team's services offering aggregated data along with data ingestion via Kafka for detailed data
  • Led initial research and design on our Hunt product that provides a Kibana-like interface to OpenSearch data. This included aggregations to power visualizations and iron-ing out multi-tenant considerations for detailed data and comparing tenants
  • Added functionality within other teams' GoLang APIs to meet our team's reporting requirements for correlation data
  • Proficient with cloud cost monitoring, scaling, Kubernetes application troubleshooting, and cloud connectivity debugging
  • Helped reverse engineer Robin Banks' (PhaaS) obfuscated PHP client package

Full Stack Engineer

The Community Company community.co

Jan 2019 to Jul 2021Remote

All-remote invite only community providing forums, directories, article authorship, etc.

  • Improved upon existing feed, directory, and authorship products with micro service development with React, GraphQL federation, Postgres and Elastic Search
  • React Native white-label mobile application life cycle design, development, and roll outs
  • Helped migrate our in-house Postgres driven feed and notification structure to GetStream.io Chat + Feeds

Software Engineer

Marietta Memorial Hospital mhsystem.org

May 2017 to Nov 2018Marietta, OH

Created software solutions along with Tableau for employee use and executive decision making

  • Supported doctors and executives with visualizations and KPIs available on mobile and desktop (i.e. RVU calculator, Daily Cash) using Electron and a mix of Node.JS and GoLang backend services
  • Maintained our services on bare metal Kubernetes along with the ELK stack
  • Created and supported a purchase requisition application in Node.JS that processed millions

Software Engineer

Fluor BWXT fbportsmouth.com

Sep 2016 to May 2017Piketon, OH

Government contractor building in house eCommerce applications and guiding our team with best practices and SOLID principles

  • Assessed existing applications to provide estimates on level of effort to get them finished and deployed to clients; along with estimates on implementing functionality to integrate with other applications on site
  • Designed and built our workflow engine and procurement eCommerce like application
  • Championed for a modern UX with relevant UI frameworks using Angular and .NET

Software Engineer

nChannel nchannel.com

Apr 2012 to Sep 2016Belpre, OH

Multi-channel eCommerce integration provider with a startup culture. Helped sync orders, items, and inventory between Amazon, eBay, RMS, etc.

  • Led a project with supplier order integration; moving orders across accounts to their respective supplier accounts using C#, XSLT, Windows Workflow and Entity Framework
  • Integrated and customized the ASPDNSF presentation layer and WSI along with implementing Solr for product / category / pricing search ability. Optimized Solr indexes to support customer SKUs and general search requirements
  • Had a DevOps hat consisting of deployments of web applications, server configuration, SQL migrations, along with scripting deployment automation
  • Developed web applications from end-to-end, utilizing SQL and NoSQL, Asp.NET MVC / Web API, and Angular JS

Computer Support Technician

West Virginia University at Parkersburg wvup.edu

Jan 2011 to Mar 2013Parkersburg, WV
  • Facilitated students and faculty with access to network information systems
  • Implemented hardware upgrades
  • One-on-one assistance with students and the public with technical issues

West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Bachelor of Applied Technology, Network Engineering

Aug 2009 to May 2013

Jackson County Animal Shelter jacksoncountyanimalshelterwv.weebly.com


May 2012 to Aug 2012Cottageville, WV

A+ Certification


Dec 2010
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