Typescript Advanced

React Advanced

React Native Advanced

Node Intermediate


Blockchain - Web3 - Solidity (learning...) Beginner


SUPINFO International University

Master of Science, Computer Science

Nov 2011 to Dec 2016

A complete curriculum in computer science learning web technologies, databases, mathematics, development, networking.


Senior Frontend developer

Jun 2021 to PresentParis

Working at Foncia within a team of 8 person, we create and manage the customer area "MyFoncia"

Software Engineer


Apr 2020 to May 2021Paris

Front End Developer

  • Currently working for our client Ensembl' to develop their mobile application for iOS and Android with React Native, and also worked for helping them improve their b2b platform which is developed in React.

Full Stack developer

Nov 2019 to Mar 2020Paris

Worked on a startup as Software engineer within a product team composed of backend, frontend, iOS & Android developers, designers, and product managers I had a role to build new services and new features for both the frontend and the backend to improve the marketplace using Go, React, Redux

Full Stack Developer


Apr 2017 to Sep 2019Paris

First project : Software engineer for the logistics division, building a stock management platform for the sales and the supply teams using React, Redux, C#, .Net Core. Second project : Software engineer for the sales team, rebuild a legacy co branding plateform using React, Redux, Node.

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