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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp
(304 reviews) | 2,512 developers enrolled

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp

Created by Colt Steele, Kevin Katz

Last updated on 06/2018

From Mining and the Blockchain to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Do you like learning about fascinating technology? Are you considering investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum? Are tired of wondering what the heck the Blockchain is? Or maybe you'd just like to hold your own in a conversation on cryptocurrencies at the office?

This course is for students who wish to confidently navigate the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, and it's taught by developers who love technology, rather than investors looking to pitch you.  Many courses focus on teaching you how to purchase Bitcoin, but very few explain how it works or why it has become so popular. 

The course begins with a basic overview of the history, concepts and vocabulary of cryptocurrency: What it is, how to acquire it, how to send and receive it, how it differs from differs from stocks and bonds, and what the heck a miner is. With that foundation, you will be ready to take on cryptocurrency's more advanced concepts: mining, forks, digital signatures, hashing functionssmart contracts, tokens, and distributed applications (DApps).  

This structure makes our course suitable for students of all levels.  No math or coding experience is necessary.

By the end of this course, you'll have no trouble answering the following questions:

  • What is a Bitcoin?  Can I touch it?  Where do I get some?
  • What is Ethereum? (and, yes, how to buy it)
  • How and why cryptocurrency Mining works.
  • What exactly happens behind the scenes in a Bitcoin transaction?
  • What is a Blockchain? What can it do? What can't it do?
  • What is a Smart Contract? What can it do? What can't it do?
  • What is an Ethereum Token?
  • What i the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • What is an Address? A Wallet? A Private Key?
  • What is SHA-256?  RSA?  ECDSA?  Why does it matter?
  • What is a Digital Signature and why does it prevent someone from stealing my Bitcoin?
  • What the heck is Segwit?

This is not a course designed to pitch Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a token!  This is a course taught by developers who love technology, rather than investors looking to pitch you.  

This course is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.

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