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Ethereum and Solidity: Become a Blockchain Developer today

Ethereum and Solidity : Become a Blockchain Developer today
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Ethereum and Solidity : Become a Blockchain Developer today

Created by Faisal Memon

Last updated on 01/2019

Smart contracts and decentralized apps using Ethereum, solidity programming, Truffle 5, web3, ganache.

Become a Blockchain developer by learning how to build Ethereum Smart Contracts using Solidity. This course is a complete hands on learning right from scratch.

This course will take you through a journey in the world of Ethereum and solidity right from scratch, we will start with basics of blockchain, how it works, we will then take a look at concept of mining, Ethereum concepts like gas, gas price, ether wei and more. By then you will have a solid understanding of what is blockchain, Ethereum and its underlying concepts, then we will dive into solidity → which is programming language for smart contracts. In solidity we will cover step by step of everything that we will need to start building smart contracts. We will learn solidity by example.

At the end of this course we will do a project that will help us use the concepts that we learnt throughout this course.


This course is backed by Udemy's 30 day money back guarantee. If after taking this course you realize that this is not for you. Please request a refund, I only want satisfied students


  • Understand the crux of Ethereum and smart contracts

  • Learn and understand what are Ethereum networks

  • Learn about Ether and wei. Understand how they are related.

  • Learn about Gas and gas price. How are miners paid in Ethereum network.

  • Learn the fundamentals of solidity and smart contracts

  • Learn about functions in solidity, their types and how to use them

  • Learn how solidity smart contracts are deployed and what happens behind the scenes

  • Learn about value types and reference types in solidity and how to use them

  • Learn about mappings in solidity

  • Understand how to interact with Ethereum network using Metamask hands-on

  • Learn about accounts in Ethereum and what are its types

  • Transfer ether from one account to another and learn what happens in background

  • Understand what are transactions in Ethereum and their types

  • Learn what is Proof of work

  • Understand how to deploy your smart contract to Ethereum main network and Ethereum test network

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