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Data Structures in JavaScript

Data Structures in JavaScript
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Data Structures in JavaScript

Created by Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech ., Samy Eduonix

Last updated on 12/2018

Learn to implement popular Data Structures in JavaScript. Learn real world programming and get Job ready

Become a master at data structures with this easy course on Data Structures in JavaScript!

Data structures are important when it comes to doing anything related to computers. With the huge role that data plays in today’s world, data structures allow a structured format to saving and retrieving data.

Data structures are often designed to be efficient in terms of storing and retrieving data in an easy and efficient manner. The faster the data is retrieved determines the success of the structure.

All programming languages have different built-in data structure commands that allow them to store data in a more efficient manner, such as objects, arrays, etc. Each language writes its own structure properties and features. JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages has its own set of built-in data structure commands, which allow it to work extremely well with large amounts of data.

In this course, you’ll learn exactly how! This course breaks down data structures in JavaScript into small and easy to understand concepts, where you will cover a number of different commands that are built-in within the JavaScript Programming Language.

This hands-on informative course will help you get ready for learning amazing data structure skills as well as help you learn how to actually store and structure your data at the end of this course. The course will start with a detailed introduction into data structures, including their significance and some important programming practices, before it delves into data structures such as Arrays, Stacks, Linked Lists, Queues, Hash Tables and Trees Graphs.

The course also covers a detailed introduction to sorting and searching algorithms, as well as the different benefits of data structures.

At the end of this course, you will have not only mastered the different functions of data structures in JavaScript but also how the data structures actually work from scratch in this functional and comprehensive Data Structures in JavaScript tutorial.

Enroll now and we’ll see you on the other side!

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