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Building F# Applications

Building F# Applications
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Building F# Applications

Created by Packt Publishing

Last updated on 10/2017

Design, build, and deliver real-world applications faster with F#

Developers are challenged today to build applications in less time, while maintaining high standards of quality, reliability, security, and performance. The F# programming language can help you meet these challenges by letting you write solutions with less code, fewer bugs, and better alignment with business requirements.

This video course starts by showing how to use the functional features of F# to rapidly turn requirements into software designs that are correct, complete, extensible, bug-free, and easy to read and understand. We will start by setting up our F# development environment and reviewing some key language features. We'll then look in depth at two powerful techniques for building real-world F# applications: type-first design and function composition. We'll then learn to leverage advanced F# tools to build and test applications.

The video course examines key language features and functional programming techniques with the goal of providing a good understanding of the basic building blocks that can be used to build higher abstractions and more comprehensive solutions. As we go, we will learn how to set up a development environment and design a build process with tools that leverage the F# language.

About the author

Richard Broida is a software design and programming consultant specializing in Microsoft Windows and Azure technologies. Over his career he has developed enterprise applications for clients in medical, banking, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and e-commerce. He is a frequent speaker on F#, C#, and cloud technologies and has taught .NET programming courses for adult professionals. You can follow Richard on Twitter (@SirEel) or on LinkedIn. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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