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The Complete Flutter and Firebase Developer Course

The Complete Flutter and Firebase Developer Course
(287 reviews) | 2,343 developers enrolled

The Complete Flutter and Firebase Developer Course

Created by Nathan Glover, Rico Beti

Last updated on 01/2019

Build Stunning Serverless Android & iOS Apps using Google’s great new mobile UI framework.

Flutter is Google's brand NEW mobile UI framework build to make developing beautiful and functional interfaces for both iOS and Android natively. Flutter Apps are written in a language called Dart, which is a simple client/server language that you'll learn along the way!

This course is designed specifically for people just starting out with Flutter and Mobile development who want to build a fully functioning, app that serves a real purpose. You'll learn how to tie your app into Firebase services in order to make it truly Serverless.

Some of the Firebase Services you'll learn along the way:

  • Cloud Firestore - NoSQL Cloud Database
  • Firebase Storage - Raw Cloud File storage
  • Google Sign-in Authentication - Plus options to add sign-in for GitHub, Facebook, Email etc.
  • Firebase Functions - Write a number of Cloud functions that our app with use to safely handle requests

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