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Unix and Shell Programming for Beginners

Unix and Shell Programming for Beginners
(84 reviews) | 1,984 developers enrolled

Unix and Shell Programming for Beginners

Created by Ram Mohan

Last updated on 10/2015

Learn how to start using Unix and the basics of shell programming in this simple and step by step course

  • Learn the basics of Unix
  • Learn the basics of Shell programming
  • Only requirement is a computer with broadband (Nice to have own Linux OS)
  • Willingness to learn outside the course
  • Interest in programming

This course will take you through the basics of Unix and the basics of Shell programming in 8 simple chapters. Each chapter is further divided into small lessons that work around simple concepts.

If you already know programming, this course will be a breeze. If you don't know programming, worry not, the course is structured in a way that even the beginner can pick up things.

This course will set you up for more advanced learning not just in Unix and Shell programming, but other languages like C, C++, Java that have their roots in Unix

Sample of reviews from students:

Danny Schell - "Excellent introduction to Unix command line and scripting"

Terri Doney - "I work for a big tech company. I use unix every day but I wanted more in depth knowledge and this course has taught me a lot."

Chinmayi Karmalkar - "It is very helpful for a beginner. Simple to understand with clear concept teaching. covers all concepts that we can later read in depth."

Ian Christie - "Very happy with the course - gives me a nice foundation to work with!"

Ravi - "voice & explanation was very clear."

Manager-Projects Chandrachur Mukherjee - "Overall a good course. Few points: ..."

Rahul Parashar - "...nebver the less a very informative vcourse !"

Do remember that this course is backed by 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee from Udemy. So you can be assured that if the course fails to meet your expectations in any way, you can get a refund without questions!

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