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MERN Stack - The Complete Guide

MERN Stack - The Complete Guide
(76 reviews) | 728 developers enrolled

MERN Stack - The Complete Guide

Created by Reed Barger

Last updated on 10/2019

The Best Resource for Building Amazing Full-Stack Apps with the Best in MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js

Welcome to MERN Stack - The Complete Guide!

The MERN Stack is one the most popular ways to build powerful, full-stack apps using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node (shortened to “MERN”).

This course is the best guide to mastering the MERN Stack, taking you from total beginner to full stack expert, capable of making your own impressive, fully-featured apps from scratch to deployment.

What’s special about this course is that it gives you the best of both worlds; both extensive practical and conceptual understanding—

We’ll cover all the essential concepts of the MERN Stack in-depth while we build a truly awesome full-stack app along the way.


  • Complete User Authentication (Login / Signup)

  • Image and File Uploads

  • Server-side Rendering

  • Pagination

  • Payment Processing

  • Complete Node API w/ Full CRUD Functionality

  • Authorization and Managing Multiple User Roles (guest, user, admin)

  • Responsive + Mobile-First Design

  • Attractive + Responsive App Interface

  • Complete App Deployment with Zeit Now


  • React Hooks throughout the Entire App

  • Core Node.js / Express Concepts

  • Creating an Entire Express API from Scratch

  • Next.js version 9 with API Routes

  • Linking together React Client + Express API

  • User authentication with JWT and Cookies

  • Role-based access control with multiple user types

  • Lots of data fetching on the client / server

  • Password hashing with bcrypt

  • Process payments with Stripe API

  • Dynamically upload images with Cloudinary API

  • Modeling database content with Mongoose Schemas

  • Creating Impressive UIs with Semantic UI React

  • Querying / Mutating Data with Mongoose

  • Tons of Mongoose Methods / Operators

  • Pagination with MongoDB

  • Async / Await + Essential Error Handling Patterns

  • Managing MongoDB database with the Atlas Interface

  • App Deployment with Serverless Deployment Service Now

  • Protecting private client routes with Next.js / React

  • Securing private data with environment variables

  • Validating Requests in Node / Express Apps

  • What HTTP status codes Mean and When to Use Them

  • The Latest JavaScript: ES6/ES7/ES8/ESNext

  • And much more...

Even if you’re new to React or Node, you’re in good company—you’re going to understand every line of code that we write together.

No matter your skill level, this course has something for you. Whether it serves as the start of your next big project, your first production-ready MERN Stack app, or just a great addition to your developer portfolio, you’re not going to want to miss this course.

There’s never been a better time to learn MERN, so join me and let’s get started.

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