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Python in Depth: Hands-on Python Programming with Projects

Python in Depth : Hands-on Python Programming with Projects
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Python in Depth : Hands-on Python Programming with Projects

Created by Deepali Srivastava

Last updated on 10/2019

Python programming course to have Python 3 skills for projects/interview questions. Includes advanced Python topics

This "Python in Depth : Hands-on Python Programming with Projects" course is thoroughly detailed, to the point and does not waste any time. It provides numerous quiz questions and exercises with solutions to strengthen your Python Programming skills.

Why learn Python

According to recent surveys, Python is one the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used by tech giants like Google, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and many more.

Knowledge of Python is an important prerequisite for working in emerging fields such as Data science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Python programmers are paid high salaries in the software industry and there is an ever increasing demand for Python professionals in the industry.

The reason for Python's popularity is that it is powerful, yet very simple. If you have never programmed before then Python is the best language to start your journey of programming. The code written in Python is shorter than equivalent code written in other languages. Developers love this language and this increases the speed of development which is one of the main reasons why companies prefer Python.

Why take this course

This is an efficient and detailed course that teaches you Python in depth without wasting much time. The content of the course is very concise and the presentation is to the point and straightforward.

You will get the opportunity to practice Python programming concepts by solving various exercises and quizzes. Solution to each exercise is provided. No prior knowledge of programming is required, this course will smoothly take you from a beginner to an expert.

You can clear your doubts in the question and answer forum inside the course.

Here is the course content-

  • Introduction

  • Getting Started with Python

  • Strings

  • Lists and Tuples

  • Dictionaries and Sets

  • Conditional Execution

  • Loops

  • Looping Techniques

  • Comprehensions

  • Functions

  • Modules

  • Scopes and Namespaces

  • Files

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Decorators

  • 350+ Quiz questions

  • 250+ Practice exercise for programming

  • 5 Projects

So what are you waiting for, enroll now and start learning.

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