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Python Web Development (Flask, PostgreSQL, Heroku)

Scalable Web Applications with Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy
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Scalable Web Applications with Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy

Created by Hara Gopal

Last updated on 01/2019

Learn to build scalable Python Web Applications with Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, git, and Heroku With Awesome Project

Flask is a very popular Micro Framework for building dynamic Web Applications using Python. This course is meant for beginners to intermediate level programmers who wish to take their Python programming skills to the next level

Basic knowledge in Python, HTML and CSS are pre-requsites for this course. Some understanding Object Orient Concepts and databases will help, but not mandatory 

This course is well-rounded and covers most aspects involved in building scalable Web Applications using Flask Framework such as Flask Blueprints, WTForms, Security, adding a robust database layer to your application that supports CRUD operations (Create, Update, Read, Delete Database Records). You'll also learn how to use Amazon S3 to store data and reference them in your projects

As we progress through the course, we will build a Online-Book-Catalog that relies on a PostgreSQL Database and allows users to register, login, logout and perform CRUD operations. We will save our code to GitHub, design and style the Application using Flask Bootstrap,  use SQLAlchemy ORM to query data and finally deploy it to the web-hosting platform Heroku

Considering the practical problems involved in learning these complex and vast frameworks, I used some intuitive animations to show you exactly how the control flows from python code to the database util to the point the requested information is finally display in a web-browser

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