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The Python Workbook: Solve 100 Exercises

Learn Python with 100 Exercises
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Learn Python with 100 Exercises

Created by Ardit Sulce

Last updated on 11/2018

Boost your Python skills by solving 100 Python code assignments ranging from easy to expert level. Solutions included!

Unlike other video courses where you are guided on how to do something in this course you will be the one to solve 100 different Python assignments on your own. This will improve and solidify your Python coding skills and you will be able to code in Python without someone's else guidance.

The course works best for those who already know Python basics such as variables, functions, loops, etc. so please take a Python beginner's course first if you don't know the basics. The course is also suitable for intermediate Python programmers since the exercises range from easy to difficult in a progressive pattern.

As you progress through the course you will be trying to solve 100 Python assignments one after the other. The assignments vary in difficulty from beginner to expert level. After each assignment you will be able to see the assignment solution and its explanation. This helps you test your solution and learn new things by looking at the instructor's solution.

Each exercise is scored so at the end of the course you will know your total points and you will learn what category level your Python skills are. Most of them require you to build programs that do certain actions, some require you to fix a bug in an existing program, and some other will ask you to make changes for improving some existing code. This variety of exercises makes sure that you're able to deal with different real-world programming scenarios. 

With this course you will also become confident in when applying for jobs as you may encounter many of these questions in a job interview.

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