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Raspberry Pi for the Beginners

Raspberry Pi for the Beginners
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Raspberry Pi for the Beginners

Created by Neha Singh

Last updated on 10/2016

A-Z guide to understand the features of Raspberry Pi.Go from the basics to create the hardware projects on your own.

Raspberry Pi 3 is a beginner course on the newly launched Raspberry Pi 3. The course is ideal for those who want to understand Raspberry Pi and who are new to the Raspberry Pi and want to explore more about it. This course will take your beginners coding skills to the next level. The course cover two projects.
In the first project, you will learn how to program the LED Blinking with the help of Raspberry Pi, Python Programming and Linux command.
Going forward you will learn how to program the Attendance Application by using inbuilt Bluetooth of Raspberry Pi.
You will also learn the features of Raspberry Pi,  architecture of Raspberry Pi, Installation of Raspbian Operating System, connecting Raspberry Pi with your Laptop and Mobile Phones, Basics Linux Command & Python Programming.
The course provides the complete source code of both the projects.
The entire course can be completed over a fortnight, including the hardware assembly and coding in Python programming.
By the end of this course, you will have enough knowledge about the LED Blinking and Attendance Application and how to implement in the real time scenario.

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