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The Serverless Framework with Node.js & AWS

The Serverless Framework with Node.js & AWS
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The Serverless Framework with Node.js & AWS

Created by Loren Stewart

Last updated on 10/2018

Quickly Code and Deploy Serverless Functions

When you complete this course, you will know how to use serverless architecture and The Serverless Framework for a variety of tasks such as:

  1. Launching an army of web scrapers
  2. Building a RESTful backend that connects to a database
  3. Listening to AWS ecosystem events (uploading to S3), and executing functions accordingly.
  4. Cron jobs that execute functions on a schedule

Serverless architecture, particularly using AWS’s Lambda service, is experiencing rapid growth because it is an affordable and scalable way to build software. The Serverless Framework abstracts away the complicated configuration AWS requires, and allows you to focus on solving problems using the programming language of your choice.

This project-based course starts at the very beginning, taking you through the steps involved in creating an AWS account, all the way to deploying your code to the cloud.

You'll learn how to use The Serverless Framework to develop serverless apps locally, deploy apps to a variety of environments, and monitor your app’s logs to ensure everything is working as expected.

Prerequisites: Intermediate knowledge of Javascript. Familiarity with ES2015 features such as promises, object destructuring, and array destructuring is helpful.

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