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Typescript for Beginners

Typescript for beginners
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Typescript for beginners

Created by Bharath Thippireddy

Last updated on 12/2018

Master and use TypeScript Syntax in easy steps

If you are JavaScript developer who wants to learn TypeScript in depth and also master then this course is for you.If you are a developer with any other object oriented programming language background and want to learn AngularJS in the future then this course is for you too .TypeScript is is used by many popular JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS , VueJS etc by. You should have used JavaScript before you take this course.

JavaScript does not use structures like classes  to implement object oriented programming.This can be confusing for programmers coming from Java ,C++ or python background.This course covers how TypeScript provides structures like Java ,Python etc that will make our life easier.It will also be easy for you to learn newer versions of JavaScript in like ES 6/7 in the future once you master TypeScript.

What Will I Learn?

Learn what TypeScript is and why we should use it

Learn how to define variables using data types

Create functions that take optional, default and variable number of arguments

Create and use arrow functions

Use Interfaces to define a contract for objects , functions and arrays

Use the different types of variable prefixes like let and const

Learn the key Object Oriented Principles

Create objects using classes

Reuse Objects through Inheritance

Use the different access modifiers

Encapsulate your classes/objects

What are the requirements?

Visual Studio Code IDE ,Web Browser(Chrome, Firefox, IE etc)

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