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Webpack 4: The Complete Guide For Beginners

Webpack 4 in 2019: The Complete Guide For Beginners
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Webpack 4 in 2019: The Complete Guide For Beginners

Created by Viktor Pyskunov

Last updated on 01/2019

Fully understand Webpack 4 and master it's features! Clear and to the point videos on setting up Webpack 4.

My main goal is to help you understand and master Webpack, particularly it's latest version Webpack 4. This course was specifically designed for those who want to learn Webpack from scratch, and for those who are already working with Webpack, but don't fully understand how it works.

In this course we will build fully functional, production ready Webpack configuration from scratch. We will start from the very simple things and then gradually move towards more advanced topics. Each lesson builds on top of the previous ones, so it is easy to follow.

After this course you will definitely be able to use Webpack in your projects. You will be able create your own Webpack configurations and improve existing ones. If you worked on a project with Webpack, but never touched the configuration, after this course you will be able to touch it, and even improve it :)

I am constantly updating this course, so you can always be sure that it is up-to-date and covers the latest features of Webpack.

If you have any questions regarding Webpack, feel free to post them in the Q&A section. Many people have already found answers to their questions there, and I will do my best to help you with your questions as well.

Most React and Angular boilerplates come with Webpack included, and most people are afraid to touch it's default configuration. I strongly believe that you should not be scared of it. You should master it!

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