Dmitrii Martynov

Wroclaw, Poland



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Grid Dynamics

Mar 2022 to Present

Frontend Developer (Angular) Wroclaw, Poland

Developing an enterprise level banking software

  • Used Angular reactive forms for building user friendly inputs that meet business requirements
  • Participated in coding, testing, through implementation within an agile environment, ensuring all designs are maintainable, and in accordance with technology architecture
  • Tackling tech debt

EPAM systems

May 2021 to Feb 2022

Frontend Developer (React) Moscow

Developing an enterprise level systems that helps employees to improve their skills

  • Developed sophisticated forms with server-side validation
  • Established client-server communication using the GraphQL query language
  • Refactored lots of legacy code to follow DRY, KISS and YAGNI principles


Dec 2020 to May 2021

Frontend Developer (React and React Native) Tomsk, Russia

Held the position of a key Frontend developer on the project. Collaborated closely with corporate Visual Designers. Developed a React Native app for a beauty salons chain, worked on ERP-system and an Ecommerce app

  • Developed user, orders history and delivery addresses modules for an E-commerce platform with React/Redux
  • Reviewed business requirements, analyzed app appearance on various devices (Android and IOS)
  • Used TypeScript for type safety and getting rid of some bugs
  • Got hands on experience with Agile/SCRUM development methodologies


Jul 2020 to Oct 2020

Full Stack Developer (React and Node.js) Moscow, Russia

Freelancing and building non-commercial projects.

  • Built RESTful API's with Express and Node
  • Developed responsive interfaces using Material UI, Chakra UI and React
  • Added static typing to the project using TypeScript
  • Configured user authentication using Passport.js and JWT saving token in Session Storage

Projects mobile app

React native mobile app for beauty salons chain

TypeScript, React Native, MobX state tree, Expo


Time tracking app for IT projects

Javascript, Less, Redux, React


Real time chat app with authentication, images uploading, servers and groups, dark/light mode

JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Redux-saga, Express.js,, Passport.js, Node.js, React/Redux, Emotion, Chakra UI


National University of Oil and Gas «Gubkin University»

Sep 2015 to Jun 2019

Bachelor's of Science, Automation Engineering

Activities and Societies: Society of petroleum engineers member | Students scientific society member | Conferences performer and a volunteer

Studied industrial engineering and computer science


Sirimangalo International

Dec 2020

Frontend Developer Hamilton, Canada

Working on the frontend part of a non-commercial project

  • Figured out someone else's legacy code
  • Used GitLab best practises to make my merge request as readable and understandable as possible
  • Improved UI to be more user-friendly using React and personal designing skills


English AdvancedRussian Native