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Jan 2022 to Present

Site Reliability Engineer Bristol, England

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Helm
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Actions
  • DevOps
  • Linux
  • Web Applications
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment


Oct 2020 to Dec 2021

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

- application performance optimization - solution analysis - supporting with expert knowledge - software development, deployment, verification, validation - technological and quality supervision over software development Used technologies: git, GitLab, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, RabbitMQ, Redis, Jira, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Shell, Python, Spinnaker, PHP 7, Grafana, Kibana


Oct 2018 to Jun 2020

Senior Software Engineer

- application performance optimization - migration to Azure cloud - solution analysis - creating technical documentation - software development, testing, verification - supporting with expert knowledge - technological and quality supervision over software development - web application development, deployment Used technologies: PHP, MySQL, JBoss, Docker, Azure, Git, SugarCRM, Shell, Ansible

Berlingske Media

Jul 2016 to Oct 2018

Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead

- developing, organizing and managing a team of several developers - supporting with expert knowledge - technological and quality supervision over software development - web application development, deployment - application performance optimization - software development, testing, verification, validation and risk analysis - solution analysis - estimating the workload of commissioned tasks and projects - creating technical documentation and supervision over documentation Used technologies: PHP, Symfony, AWS, MySQL, Redis, Git, Elasticsearch, Jira, Docker, GitHub, RabbitMQ, JavaScript, Varnish, Behat, BlackFire, Jenkins


Oct 2015 to Jun 2016

Senior Engineer

As part of a project team, creating new features, implementing new features, maintenance and creating a new marketing platform for company’s clients. Used technologies/tools: PHP 5, Symfony 2, Laravel 5, Doctrine 2, MySQL, Memcache, Redis, Git, HTML 5, JavaScript, REST API, AWS - Amazon Web Services, Facebook Ads API, Wordpress API, Google Analytics API, Outbrain Amplify API. Projects: − Enterprise Ad Manager - marketing platform based on Symfony 2 (REST API) and AngularJS − Enterprise Ad Manager v2 - creating new marketing platform based on Laravel 5 (Facebook Ads API, Wordpress API, Outbrain Amplify API)


Jan 2014 to Oct 2015

Senior Developer

As part of Agile project team, creating new websites and developing new functionality for existing websites of Medical Laboratories and Clinics Used technologies/tools: PHP 5, Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, Twig, PostgreSQL 9, Redis, git, HTML 5, Bower, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, SOAP, REST, JSON, Behat, Redmine, Jenkins, Apache Ant, PHPUnit, PHP Depend, PHP Mess Detector, PHP Copy/Paste Detector, oAuth 2.0, Jaspersoft iReport, Capistrano. Responsibilities: creating PHP dev and prod app environment, managing dev and prod servers. projects: * patient portal for an extensive service to exchange medical and personal data with clinic's partners * website for creating inquiry polls, integration via oAuth 2.0 with other company's website and desktop applications * website for ordering and receiving laboratory, microbiology and cytology test results with advanced administration for partners (reports, invoices, partners units, staff and patients management) * website for IVF recipients with extensive options to find desired donor * Single sign-on application integrated with 3 different user authentication data source backends, with JSON REST API to receive user data, privileges and documents (regulations, granted permission for data processing)

Blue Media SA

May 2011 to Dec 2013

Senior PHP Developer

As part of a R&D team creating new features, designing, development, deployment, and projects maintenance. Used technologies/tools: PHP 5, Zend Framework 1, Doctrine 2, PostgreSQL 8, Memcache, FPDF, mPDF, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, SOAP WebServices, Subversion (SVN), git, GitLab, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), Electronic signature projects: - own company CRM - deployment and maintenance - - development - system for fast interbank transfers - - development, deployment and maintaince - system for temporary loans - - development, deployment and maintaince - Insurance Platform - design, development, deployment and maintaince -- cooperation with insurance companies, implementation of new products - REST, SOAP WebServices -- technical support for external partners of Insurance Platform -- data exchange integration with external systems (REST API, SSH, FTP, SOAP)

Gratka Technologie Sp. z o.o.

May 2009 to Jan 2011

PHP Developer

As part of Agile project team, creating new websites and developing new functionality for existing websites, belonging to a group of content websites of Polskapresse Used technologies/tools: PHP 5, MySQL 5, MongoDB, Memcached, PHP Unit, Smarty, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial (hg), JavaScript. Projects: - development of online payment service - development of extended platform for building websites without IT support and distributing content around platform websites, "WebSpiro" system - development of internal websites supporting work of Polskapresse Customer Service Office - development of internal websites supporting work of Scrum Masters - creating platform "Hermes" to use for mobile marketing via SMS Premium

Wirtualna Polska

Jul 2008 to Apr 2009

Junior Developer

As part of project team, creating new websites, developing new functionality for existing websites and maintenance of produced websites, optimization of created websites for high-traffic, belonging to a group of Lifestyle and Entertainment group of websites from the first Polish web portal, Wirtualna Polska. Used technologies/tools: PHP 4, MySQL 5, Oracle, SLAMD, XHTML 1.0, Concurrent Versions System (CVS), JavaScript. Projects: - creation of - development of - creation of - creation of - development of - development of - development of

Engine Sp. z o.o.

Oct 2007 to Jun 2008

Junior Web Application Developer

Creating websites using PHP 4 and PHP 5, website implementation, website maintenance, minor administrative tasks with FreeBSD, repair and ordering of new hardware and supplies. Used technologies/tools: PHP 4 and 5, PostgreSQL, MySQL 5, Smarty, Apache 2, Concurrent Versions System (CVS), XHTML 1.0, JavaScript. Projects: - development of, (Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, one of mobile providers), creation of mini-websites for - development of,,,, and 16 websites of Authorised BMW Dealers - development of - creation of, (for Danone) - development of - development of (one of ISP) - development of - development of - development of - development of

LCC Sp. z o.o.

Oct 2006 to Jun 2007

Customer Advisor

Working for Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. Phone support for Telekomunikacja Polska (one of the top 10 ISP companies) clients: receiving reports of failures and damages, opening and handling of problem reports, individual problem solving with client during the call, cooperation with technical departments, monitoring customers' expectations and problems during the process of customer service. Technical support and maintenance of services: Neostrada (ADSL based Internet connection), VoIP, TP dial-up number, TP Internet packages, TP email account. Servicing tickets from customers in PROVISIO system and PeopleSoft.

Sii Poland

Jul 2016

Senior Software Engineer

As part of a project team, creating new features, implementing new features, maintenance and creating new marketing platform for company’s clients. Used technologies: PHP 5, PHP 7, Symfony Framework (in version 2.x and 3.x), Doctrine 2, MySQL,Redis, Git, HTML 5, JavaScript, Sonata Blocks, RabbitMQ, Docker, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), LESS, JavaScript, npm, Varnish, Behat, BlackFire, GitHub, Jenkins Projects: − - Symfony based news application for the biggest publisher in Denmark - Berlingske Media − − application for automated application release (helper for Continues Deployment) with dedicated checks for Quality Assurance

Oct 2015



Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa w Gdańsku

Dec 2017 to Mar 2021

Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Software Development

1st Specialised Secondary School in Sopot, Poland

Dec 2003 to Dec 2006

A-level, Information Technology


Związek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej

Dec 2000 to Dec 2008


Związek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej

Aug 2004 to Aug 2004

Scout, Volunteer

"Caritas school pencils" action - collection of school supplies for children from poor families.

Związek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej

Dec 2001 to Dec 2001

Scout, Volunteer

"Kilo" action - collecting food for Christmas for poor families.


English Professional WorkingGerman Limited WorkingPolish Native SpeakerSpanish Elementary


Kamil Rutkowski

Piotr is a great developer and highly skilled His work is always high quality and delivered on time. It's a pleasure to work with him.

Krystian Wesołowski

Piotra, jako programistę wyróżniają dwie cechy, które z pewnością zasługują na uznanie. Pierwszą jest szukanie najlepszego, docelowego rozwiązania. Stara się realizować zadania w taki sposób, aby przygotować funkcjonalność "na lata", nie "na chwilę". Drugą jest zrozumienie biznesu i umiejętność przełożenia technologii na biznes i odwrotnie. Serdecznie polecam Piotra, jako doświadczonego programistę.