Ateeq Syed



Combination of software engineer and leadership , weaving code into creative solutions for your next tech venture


Syed Ventures

Sep 2023 to Present

Founder & CEO


Jun 2022 to Aug 2023

Software Engineer

- Trained from Teamo’s Accelerate program, which is rigorous Software Development training that taught how to be a 10x remote employee, communication skills, and gave real-world exposure to the latest Full Stack Engineering by assigning to top Fortune 500 startups around the globe. - Developed responsive websites for diverse clients from high-powered desktop computers to small-footprint mobile devices. - Experienced with modern front-end technologies (styled system, web pack etc) - Conducted in-depth analysis of Front End and Backend performance, identifying and implementing solutions that optimized page speed by 60%, increasing user engagement by 70%. - Diagnosed and resolved complex software issues in the Front End and Backend, reducing customer support tickets by 50% and boosting customer satisfaction by 40%. - Later transferred to Internal Dev Team, where contributed majorly as a Front-End Engineer and a Copywriter for revamping Teamo's new web app. - Designed and implemented automated testing and deployment pipelines using JEST. - Participated in agile development methodologies and sprint planning using JIRA. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.


Jul 2021 to Oct 2021

Full Stack Engineer

- Created custom APIs to fetch data using headless CMS: Contentful. - Worked using Git / GitHub and management tools such as Trello and Slack. - Worked on React Chart library to build complex charts fetching data from Supabase. - Collaborated effectively with both the tech and the design team to design, code, test, report, and debug operations. - Assisted in the development, maintenance, and optimization of new APIs using the modern async approach. - Took the initiative with an idea to revamp Zenveus Brand Design and Website with the Gatsby framework using core design thinking principles.


Jun 2020 to Jun 2021


- Led and taught 50+ online coding boot camps on JavaScript, Flutter, Cyber Security, Python , Machine Learning, etc - Took more than 200+ interviews to hire the best core team at DHA Suffa University - Built a world-class team of Engineers and Scientists - Led Online Bootcamps with 100+ participants on Google Meet - Built Everything from scratch from 0 Following to 5000+ followers - Brought actual change in student lives that led to an exponential career and personal growth. - Brought Sponsorship from NYC-based Startup DataCamp with 500+ accounts for the first time in Pakistan


DHA Suffa University

Aug 2018 to Jul 2022

Bachelors Degree, Computer Science

Fastest Growing and Top Computer Science School in Pakistan.



Revitalized outdated designs through strategic use of cutting-edge technology and design thinking.


World Economic Forum

Global Shaper

The Citizens Foundation

Alumni Development Program - Teacher


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