Tulitu Vlad-G.



Android Developer/iOS Developer

4 years of experience


Portfolio: VladTulitu.com

Android/iOS Developer

A dedicated and experienced Android Developer + iOS Developer with a proven track record of creating successful applications. I bring to the table significant accomplishments, having achieved over 630,000 downloads and robust revenue on the Play Store since the beginning of 2020. Recently, I have expanded my skills to include iOS development, where I am actively learning and applying new knowledge to become proficient in this area as well. My comprehensive expertise covers the full mobile application development lifecycle, from the initial planning and research stages, through to development, successful launch, and post-launch maintenance. I possess an in-depth understanding of marketing strategies within the app development space. I am experienced with App Store Optimization, A/B testing, user needs analysis, ad integration, in-app purchases, and effective monetization strategies.


๐Ÿค– ChatGPT - 4๐Ÿช› Kotlin๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Java๐ŸŽจ Jetpack Compose๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ XMLโœจ Clean arhitecture (Use Cases/SOLID)๐Ÿงพ MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel)๐Ÿ—ก๏ธ Dagger Hilt (Dependency Injection)๐Ÿ“ฅ Room (database)๐ŸŒ RetroFit & OkHTTP3๐Ÿ”€ Kotlin Coroutines & Flows๐Ÿ“Ÿ Root/su Features๐Ÿ”— View Binding๐Ÿงท Data Binding๐Ÿ”ฐ Code Versioning๐Ÿชฒ Debugging/Leak Canary๐Ÿงฎ Dependency Management (buildSrc + Kotlin DSL)๐Ÿ“ Multi-Moduleโš™๏ธ Services๐Ÿ“Š Optimizing (Shrink Resources, Minify, R8, etc)๐ŸŽ Ads & In-App Purchases


SmartDiesel/DKV ย kopilot.ro

Mayย 2022 to Present

Android Developer Bucharest, Romania

As the sole Android developer, led the complete overhaul of the "Kopilot" application, handling all aspects from design, coding, testing, debugging, to deployment. Undertook this project single-handedly and successfully transformed it using native Kotlin, significantly enhancing user experience and efficiency. Leveraged advanced techniques such as MVVM, Kotlin Coroutines, Flows, and Dagger Hilt for a complete redevelopment, driving the application's robustness and scalability. Successfully reduced app crashes by 80-90% by optimizing code and introducing rigorous testing procedures, resulting in a dramatic improvement in app performance and reliability. Integrated the Here Maps SDK to facilitate superior truck navigation features, effectively meeting user needs and increasing overall satisfaction. Utilized modern libraries like Coil for image loading, Room for local data persistence, and Retrofit for network interaction, contributing to the app's high-performance and smooth user experience. Set up AppMetrica for user metrics and analytics, generating valuable insights that drove continuous app improvements and informed strategic decision-making. These enhancements led to a significant increase in client acquisition rates, boosting the figures by 35-50%. Continually updated knowledge of industry trends, technologies, and best practices, driving ongoing innovation and maintaining high standards in the app development process. Provided guidance and mentorship to a novice colleague entering the mobile development field. Offered assistance in learning best practices, familiarizing with tools and libraries, and understanding complex concepts, contributing to their professional growth and development in mobile application technology.

TheViciousGames/aBetterAndroid/Controversialz ย play.google.com

Octย 2019 to Present

Self-Published Indie Developer - Google Play Store

Over three years as an Indie Developer, I've transformed my passion for innovation into a thriving presence on the Google Play Store. My apps, inspired by user interests and needs, have achieved over 700,000 downloads and thousands of positive reviews, testifying to the quality of my work. In this journey, I've sharpened key skills, including: Creativity and Problem-Solving: By designing and implementing app features that resonate with users. Project Management: By managing all stages of the app development cycle, ensuring the timely delivery of quality products. UI/UX Design: By developing user-friendly interfaces that enhance customer experiences and promote user retention. Data Analytics: By employing analytics tools to optimize app features and performance based on user engagement and feedback. Marketing and User Acquisition: By using strategic marketing and App Store Optimization to boost visibility and downloads. Feedback Management and Customer Service: By proactively handling user reviews, queries, and feedback to improve user satisfaction. This experience has not only broadened my technical skills but also fostered an entrepreneurial mindset, a cornerstone of my approach to digital innovation.


West University of Timisoara ย info.uvt.ro

Sepย 2018 to Julย 2021

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

Gained a solid understanding of computer science principles and acquired the ability to apply them across various domains. This provided a foundation for easy integration into the IT industry and further professional development through Master's programs. Developed a deep understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge, including software analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance, as well as complex systems modeling, evaluation, and interpretation. Acquired skills in problem analysis and the construction of abstract, formal, and computational models, utilizing theoretical computer science concepts. Comprehended the structure and operation of computing systems and mastered data storage, organization, and processing. Harnessed practical skills such as specific programming languages, software verification and testing, project planning, and implementation. Developed expertise in system configuration and integration, software architecture design, network administration, and data security strategies. Acquired proficiency in technical documentation and consulting in the field.

Liceul Tehnologic "Matei Corvin" Timisoara ย facebook.com

Octย 2019 to Junย 2021

Junior College, Computer Science

Junior College/ Post-High School Education, Computer Science Graduated with a comprehensive understanding of broad computer science principles, demonstrating proficiency in a diverse set of skills and concepts. Gained specialized expertise in mobile development, focusing on the design, development, and deployment of applications for Android and iOS platforms. Built a strong foundational knowledge of operating systems, data structures, algorithms, and software design principles. Cultivated technical aptitude and problem-solving abilities, with a strong emphasis on translating complex business requirements into effective digital solutions. Applied practical learning through numerous hands-on projects, showcasing the ability to drive projects from conception to completion.



Kopilot is an innovative truck routing application designed to streamline the operations of delivery companies.

Kotlin, Coil, Room, Fragments, Hilt, Retrofit, MVVM, Navigation

DPI Modifier

Changes device's display DPI (dots per inch).๐Ÿ“400.000 downloads on Play Store.

Kotlin, XML, MVVM, Android Native APIs, Admob SDK, Dagger Hilt, Root/su Features, Appodeal

Resolution Changer

Modifies display resolution.๐Ÿ“60.000 downloads on Play Store.

kotlin, Admob SDK, Android Native APIs, Root/su Features, XML, Coroutines, Flows, MVVM

Random User Database

Generates a random list of fake users.

Kotlin, Glide, MVVM (layers), Navigation, Clean arhitecture (Use Cases), Dagger Hilt, RetroFit, Scalable size, Offline caching with Room

Book of Crypto

Gathers details about cryptocurrencies (name, description, tags and team members) .

Kotlin, RetroFit, Jetpack Compose, MVVM, Clean arhitecture (Use Cases), Dagger Hilt, Leak Canary

Refresh Rate Checker

Displays the device's refresh rate.๐Ÿ“75.000 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Admob SDK, AsyncTask, XML, Android Native APIs

aBetterAndroid website

Developed aBetterAndroid website. The goal was for the website to look exactly like a native android application.


Disables security mitigations for a small gain in CPU performance.

Kotlin, XML, Root/su Features, MVVM, Kotlin Coroutines& Flows, Dagger Hilt

Order Manager

Manager of flower orders gathered through an API. Orders can be modified, saved and all of them have a detailed-view with more information about each one of them

Kotlin, Room, RetroFit, Dagger Hilt, XML, Kotlin Coroutines& Flows, Recycler View, MVVM

Resolution Checker

Shows three types of display resolution.๐Ÿ“19.000 downloads on Play Store.

Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutines,Flows, Dagger Hilt, MVVM, XML, Android Native APIs

News App

Application that gathers news through an API. News are displayed in a recycler view, they can be read through a web view that shows the full article. Articles can be saved and it also has a search function.

Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutines& Flows, MVVM, RetroFit, XML, Room, Recycler View

Real-Time Refresh Rate Checker

Displays a floating text window over other apps which shows the current refresh rate and updates it every second through a foreground service.๐Ÿ“8.500 Downloads on Play Store.

Java, XML, Android Native APIs, Foreground Service

Screen Information

Displays a lot of display details gathered through native APIs.๐Ÿ“2000 downloads on Play Store.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Java, XML, Android Native APIs, AsyncTask, Admob SDK

aBetter Store

aBetterAndroid's store that contains system-modding apps for Android. Similar to Play Store but only for enthusiasts. Currently in developing.

Kotlin, MVVM, Dagger Hilt, Dependency Management (buildSrc + Kotlin DSL), Debugging/Leak Canary, Clean arhitecture (Use Cases/SOLID), Jetpack Compose, Multi-Module

Root Checker

Checks if user's device is rooted.๐Ÿ“1500 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Root/su Features, XML, Admob SDK

S20 Advanced Menu

A complex menu for Samsung Galaxy S20 devices for advanced Android users.I personally looked through all settings that can be accessed through ADB/Shell like (GLOBAL/SECURE/SYSTEM) and Samsung-only settings.. Multiple features like changing refresh rate, resolution, multiple boot options, boost (killing useless processes/services, trimming memory), Ultra Power Saving Mode, Adaptive Power Saving Mode, ADB Debugging switch.

Java, Root/su Features, AsyncTask, XML

S20 Advanced LockScreen

Exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S20s,this app will automatically switch to lowest refresh rate available while screen is off for power saving.๐Ÿ“400 downloads on Play Store.

Java, XML, Broadcast Receiver, Root/su Features

HDR Checker

Shows HDR capabilities of the device. ๐Ÿ“10.000 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Android Native APIs, XML

Advanced Reboot

User can reboot to recovery, download mode, safe mode, bootloader or fastboot.๐Ÿ“8000 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Admob SDK, Root/su Features, XML


Flushes DNS by running ADB/Shell commands for every Android version. ๐Ÿ“2000 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Admob SDK, Root/su Features, XML

Kishu Inu Price

Converts user's balance of Kishu Inu cryptocurrency into dollars. Price is gathered through a public API. It can also help boosting the cryptocurrency's rank on a certain site by reloading the page every 5 seconds in background.๐Ÿ“ 3500 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Admob SDK, Foreground Service, XML, RetroFit


Calculates the latency between user and some popular websites or mobile game servers by using Shell commands.

Admob SDK, XML, Shell, AsyncTask

Jumper : Endless Arcade

Endless jumping type of game made with Unity and C#, textures created by myself.

C#, Unity Ads, Unity In-app-purchases, Unity

S20 Screen Tweaker

Predecessor of S20 Advanced Menu. Changes between different screen modes. Only for Samsung Galaxy S20.๐Ÿ“ 3400 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Admob SDK, Root/su Features, AsyncTask, XML

DPI Checker

Display current DPI (dots per inch) value. ๐Ÿ“16.000 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Root/su Features, XML, Android Native APIs

Recovery Reboot

Reboots to recovery using root-only Shell commands. ๐Ÿ“2000 downloads on Play Store.

Java, Root/su Features, XML, Admob SDK

Fastboot Reboot

Reboots to fastboot mode using root-only Shell commands.๐Ÿ“4600 downloads on Play Store.

Java, XML, Admob SDK, Root/su Features

Rom Inu

Token created on Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Rom Inu was a meme token that was not released. I made it simply for testing my abilities of learning and adopting new tehnologies. It was an interesting experience. It has unique features like anti-dumping, anti-bots and a cool strategy for keeping the price going up (deflationary asset).



Professional App Development With CI/CD

Philipp Lackner
Decย 2022

ID:ZGEOFZ This course provides a thorough understanding of the advanced aspects of Android app development, focusing specifically on the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) using Bitrise. It aims to streamline the app development process, improve code quality, and expedite the release cycle.

Android Developer Fundamentals

Janย 2020