Ramaseshan S

Bangalore , India


Lead DevSecOps Engineer

10 years of experience


Blog: blog.voidspace.xyz

Lead DevSecOps. Open Source contributor. Decentralized Internet. Community history and ownership. Open Access

FOSS contributor, speaker. I work at the intersection of technology decentralization, community ownership, cultural history, sustainable development and education.


PythonDjangoAzureJavaScriptJenkinsGitLab CI/CDSonarQubeDockerDocker ComposeKubernetesDigitalOceanAWSGrafanaPrometheusMongoDBElasticSearchPostgreSQLTeleport


AVR Edge Networks Pvt Ltd

Sep 2023 to Present

Senior DevSecOps Consultant Bangalore

EDGE is a talent decision platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. We aim to simplify decisions in talent management to help organizations build the workforce of the future. As a consultant engineer, I worked part-time to implement end-to-end Kubernetes pipelines, integrated tools into the current product and implement solutions to internal dependencies. My core responsibility was also review and prepare the company for a SOC2-Type2 renewal.

  • Review and patch the gaps in the ISO27001 and SOC2-Type2 certification and ensure renewal of the certificates
  • Migrate all the products to be deployed in a fully immutable infrastructure using Kubernetes
  • Review and Upgrade codebase and dependencies to new versions for all products
  • Manage and run the DevSecOps team to ensure everyday deliverables and BAU's are completed
  • Verify and Implement security standards like WAF, API Gateway (Kong and APISIX), Log monitoring and alerting
  • Implement and Integrate KeyCloak as the standard authentication provider across
  • Implement incremental database backups across all production database systems.

Janastu / Servelots

May 2022 to Aug 2023

Senior Software Engineer Tumkur, Karnataka, India

Janastu/Servelots is an NGO/Company that is focussed on building effective technology solutions for organizations working in the social development sector. My work involved building and manage tools that power their COWMesh. I am responsible for building products like PAPAD, Farmer's Trust. Papad is a community media, archiving and annotation tool for the low literate community. Farmer's trust is intended as a decentralized data sovereign web application aimed at enabling organic farming producer and consumer communities, trace their produce and products to be organic until it reaches the end customers. I am also a part of the Special Interest Group to explore decentralized internet tools like IPFS, Hyper.

  • Building decentralized integrations into the current product stack.
  • Represent the technical implementation team for PGSOC across India
  • Develop and implement the technology required for the producer and consumer communities
  • Organized design thinking workshops for the product ideation
  • Interacted, organized workshop with NGO's and archival communities on how to implement and use the tool
  • Responsible to re-architect and re-write the project from scratch

AVR EdGE Networks Pvt Ltd  getedge.ai

Feb 2019 to May 2022

Lead DevSecOps Bangalore, India

As a Lead DecSecOps engineer, I was responsible for owning and managing end to end Development and Security operations, from architecting products for privacy and security to ensuring product vulnerability management and patching them towards a closure. I also drove the organization towards achieving ISO27001 and SOC2-Type2 Certification across product stacks.

  • I was responsible for owning and running the entire DevOps process, managing a small team of 4
  • Member of the Core team responsible for helping the organization achieve ISO27001 and SOC2-Type2 Certification.
  • As a process of the Certification, I was also responsible to bring an organization level visibility and product perspectives across the company
  • Handled customer queries on issues relating to Data privacy, security, and compliance
  • Implemented the idea of Finance Operations across the company to bring finance visibility across all the teams
  • I was responsible for interacting with 3rd party VA&PT vendors to understand, retrospect and implement security measures across the company.
  • Automated various deployment pipelines using tools like Ansible and Jenkins to drive the idea of CI and CD across the organization.
  • Containerized all the microservices and ensured a continuous deployment pipeline
  • Responsible for implementing a full-stack Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana

SkyFire Applied Intelligence  atom360.ai

Sep 2017 to Dec 2018

Full Stack Engineer

Atom360 is a healthcare startup building an AI-powered mobile app for early oral cancer screening. As a full-stack engineer, I was responsible for building the company Android app, web applications and also managing the infrastructure. Since it had patients’ data, aligning cybersecurity and patient safety initiatives to help the organization protect patient safety and privacy, also ensure continuity of effective delivery of high-quality care by mitigating disruptions that can have a negative impact on clinical outcomes with AI.

  • Developed the Mobile, API and also owned the deployment and updates
  • Responsible for responding to queries and implementing solutions on Data Privacy
  • Solo engineer who deployed the complete ML Ops Pipeline

AVR EdGE Networks Pvt Ltd  getedge.ai

Oct 2016 to Aug 2017

Junior DevOps Engineer

EDGE is a talent decision platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. We aim to simplify decisions in talent management to help organizations build the workforce of the future.

  • Building Management tools across infrastructures
  • Automation of application setup process across different types of applications and tools
  • Monitoring and Enhancing servers it terms of security and health
  • Identify and validate external tools in terms of features and cost.
  • Build and Manage Web and Mobile Applications and related infrastructure.
  • Legal and Policy related decisions for the product

Fractalio Data Pvt Ltd  fractalio.com

Nov 2014 to Aug 2016

Storage Engineer

Fractalio Data was conceived in response to the challenge of containing and reliably managing the explosion of electronic data that IT enabled organizations of all sizes are experiencing. I was responsible for building and developing 2 products, IntegramStor and IntegralStor-Gridcell. IntegralStor, is a single node unified multi-disk storage system based on ZFS, built on the NAS protocol, offering a range of functionalities to be used as both a personal storage or backup store. GridCell, is the Scale-Out based NAS based on GlusterFS and ZFS.

  • Web Engineer responsible for building Management frameworks for various customer-centric use-cases.
  • Worked with different customers in solutioning around IntegralStor, to ensure storage solutions don't break an existing workflow.

KenApps Systems Pvt Ltd

Dec 2013 to Sep 2014

Backend Engineer

KenApps was a company focussed on education institution and its needs. There were multiple products, of which I was focussing on UniCamp and Placements. Unicamp is a full College Automation tool, while Placements is a job portal that extends itself to a network of people involving alumni's interacting with juniors and also students applying for various jobs.

  • Fully owned the product development, including interacting with the customers
  • Worked closely with sales engineers to ensure product demo and feedback workflow stayed consistent
  • Implemented VRoom, a WebRTC based video conferencing solution to be used for both in-class and for Training and Placement needs


Sep 2013 to Nov 2013


A Tool that was designed for lifestyle as a 360 Review tool. This tool enables peers and managers to share reviews of other employees and generate a report on the employee on the same.

  • Was responsible for developing the survey module
  • Was involved in developing documentation on the product.


Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology

Jul 2009 to Jul 2013

Bachealor in Technology, Computer Science

Kendriya Vidyalaya

Apr 2009


Kendiya Vidyalaya

Apr 2007




Productive is a simple app, that aims to re-utilise spaces in bar's during the day as co-working spaces thereby reducing cost and ensuring flexibility.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL


An Inclusive, Second-Change, Decentralized, Internet Free access to Knowledge

Python, JavaScript, Decentralized Identity (DID), Content Identifies (CID), NodeJS, Django, Delay Tolerant Networks


Papad is a project of Janastu collective – who explore inclusive open source technology solutions. Using Papad, communities can archive media, annotate fragments, discover relationships and share their knowledge. Typical use cases are: offline archives, oral histories and media libraries.

JavaScript, Python, SQL, React, Django, Content Identifiers (CID), AlpineJS

Simple Story Maps

Simple Story Maps

A location and time centric story telling platfrom built using uncool technology

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript


Free Software Movement Karnataka  fsmk.org

Apr 2015 to Feb 2019

Executive Committee Member Karnataka, India

I have represented FSMK in conferences in consistently highlighting the need for FOSS, training students and organizing events, workshops on tools like Python, OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia etc.

  • As an Executive Committee member, I was crucial in crafting the organization's growth path
  • I was responsible for identifying new opportunities, collaborations and reaching out to the organizations in the southern part of Karnataka
  • The core team in organizing 3 7-day residential camps in different districts, organizing over 50 introductory sessions.

OpenSpace Foundation  openspacefoundation.in



  • Organized 3 2-day science tour of Bangalore for over 150 students from marginalised communities
  • Ideated and contributing to project Minkeni: An Inclusive, Second Chance, Decentralized and Internet Free access of knowledge resources.
  • Represented the organization on stage as guest speaker in schools.

Free Software Hardware Movement, Puducherry  blog.fshm.org


As a volunteer, I have and continue to contribute to organizing introductory sessions, workshops, help intervene in policy discussions


English ProficientTamil ProficientKannada Fluent


Rizma Banu

Rizma is the co-founder of Atom360, and is the runs the business and marketing in the organization. She is an AI Engineer at heart and has been a great mentor in helping me understand the impact of technology in business and perspectives on looking at it.