Harsh Gupta



Software Engineer @ Tesla

8 years of experience


Portfolio: harshgupta.dev


Python 7 years ⋅ ExpertJavascript 7 years ⋅ AdvancedReact 4 years ⋅ IntermediateLinux 5 years ⋅ AdvancedWeb Development 8 years ⋅ AdvancedC 4 years ⋅ IntermediateJava 4 years ⋅ IntermediateGO 2 years ⋅ IntermediateQA 4 years ⋅ AdvancedC++ 3 years ⋅ Intermediate


Tesla  tesla.com

Oct 2021 to Sep 2022

Core Infrastructure Software Engineering Intern Fremont, CA (Remote)

• Added GitHub Support to existing Python monolith of a devops-bot, while also refactoring and simplifying the code, and wrote documentation with visualizations. • Developed permission management and access request automation scripts using Python. • Performed alternative market analysis for software tools and performed internal surveys and beta-testing for prospective software tooling to improve existing workflows. • Created a licensing report generator for GHE Admins to support clustered instances, and aggregate the correct licensing figures across various instances for the report. • Developed a GitHub user cleanup tool in Python to suspend inactive AD users, a global team management tool using Python. • Created a GitHub organization tracker and a GitHub-JIRA PR linker using NodeJS and Docker. • Wrote disaster recovery testing scripts for various engineering applications, using Bash, Docker, Selenium, and Python. • Built a Web-App using the T3 stack, within a week for an internal engineering-apps Documentation portal and which was later released in two weeks. • Worked on features for a large scale internal web app project with a Django + React TypeScript stack, and specifically implemented Frontend designs using the TDS and Tailwind.

  • Reduced overall human involvement in processing access requests for internal engineering tools by automating the process using modular approach in python along with Jenkins.
  • Helped improve reporting mechanisms for tool monitoring jobs using bash and python, to improve the fault detection/retention in worst-case scenarios

IBM  ibm.com

May 2019 to Aug 2020

Backend Software Engineer and QA Systems Manager Markham, ON

• Revived and revamped the QA infrastructure, both software and hardware, for the DB2 install team. • Authored the automation scripts to speed up deployment of new hardware in various environments using Python, POSIX bash, and Playbook by Ansible. • Wrote a validation failure classifier and tracker from the ground up, to automate and speed up the failure investigation process using fastText and other in-house text classification techniques, all backed by a Django back-end. • Started a side-project on synthesizing audio books by splicing the input text in the right way so the TTS engine creates a flowing audio book. Actively looking for solutions to the problem of pronunciation of names for a better audio book experience • Designed and proposed a transformer-based documentation generator to resolve simple customer issues quicker.

  • Software Automation
  • Failure Classification and Tracking
  • Better Audiobook Synthesis


McMaster University  mcmaster.ca

Sep 2017 to May 2023

Bachelor's of Engineering, Software Engineering



(2020) A webapp that turns your smartphone into a game controller

HTML, JavaScript, CSS


(2019) A 3D implemetation of regex crossword with a rule-based regex generator

Python, Javascript, Three.js, CefPython3


(2020) Modeling and distilling vst-fx plugins to run them on smaller hardware

VST3-FX, Python


mergesort in many languages

C++, Scala, Julia, Perl, Go, OCaml, Ruby, J, Scheme, Prolog, C#, Kotlin, R, Elixir, Dart, Coq, Lua, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, C, Swift, ATS, Objective-C, Tcl, Brainfuck, D, Ada, HolyC, Pascal, F#, Haskell, Nim, Python, Rust, Shell, JavaScript, PHP, Java