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ExpertJS Essentials: Easily Learn JavaScript & Building Apps

ExpertJS Essentials: Easily Learn JavaScript & Building Apps
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ExpertJS Essentials: Easily Learn JavaScript & Building Apps

Created by Abraar Arique

Last updated on 04/2019

Get the must-have parts of our ExpertJS course & learn to write code, solve problems, and gain useful programming skills

Do you want to learn JavaScript and become a skilled web applications developer?

Do you want to learn how to build working applications by writing code, thinking creatively & solving problems?

In order to help beginners learn & understand advanced JavaScript and help them become expert developers, we released a full-fledged JavaScript course called ExpertJS.

And now, we’re taking the most important and key parts from our full ExpertJS course and releasing it as this new course called ExpertJS Essentials.

As the name suggests, ExpertJS Essentials will give you access to the essential content & materials of our ExpertJS course to help you learn the fundamental skills of a JS developer.

Now, you might be thinking, why should I bother with this again?

Here’s why…

You probably have some interest in JavaScript or coding in general, right? (I mean, you did click through here)

And with JavaScript being the most popular programming language, it’s become an almost essential skill to have.

However, learning JavaScript isn’t always easy.

You’ll find a plethora of free or paid tutorials, guides, books and other stuff on JavaScript all over the web, but these are not always easy to follow.

I know this because when I first started reading a free JavaScript tutorial, I couldn’t understand a thing!

In fact, it’s kinda embarrassing but it actually took me a long time (I won’t tell you how long though :D) to even get a grasp of the basic concepts and ideas.

In short, learning JavaScript (especially for a beginner) is not that easy.

But there’s another thing…

A lot of the other content you’ll find on JavaScript may do a good enough job of teaching you the basic concepts and give you some code examples.

But the problem with this approach is that it actually doesn’t focus on the real skill of a developer: solving problems.

Yes, that’s right. Programmers and developers are actually problem solvers.

Every day, developers face all kinds of coding problems: big and small, new and old, and it’s the job of the developer to think creatively, come up with a solution, and write the code to get the job done.

And understandably, this is where a lot of new developers struggle as well.

See, with the isolated code examples approach, you may learn the different JavaScript concepts and know how they work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to actually write useful code that solves real problems you’ll face in a serious project.

In short, a developer may know JavaScript, but don’t know how to use it properly.

These are the issues I tackle with ExpertJS Essentials.

Drawing from the original ExpertJS course, in ExpertJS Essentials, you’ll find most of the content presented in the form of video lectures which breaks down and explains the topic in detail, along with beautiful code examples to illustrate the point.

You can also check out the slides, and run some code in the code editor too.

Plus you have quizzes to test your knowledge and skills.

I’ve tried my best to make learning JavaScript simple, easy and fun. So following through this course should be a breeze even if you have no prior experience in programming.

And in the Coding Session, you’ll get to learn how to think creatively and solve problems.

We’ll literally jump into our code editor and build useful web applications from scratch, and you’ll get to see the whole process.

You’ll understand the development workflow: how to tackle projects, how to break down problems, how to come up with ideas, how to write & test the code, and how to develop an app feature by feature.

We’ll face coding challenges and programming problems, and we’ll think & write the code to solve them.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • How to use your knowledge and experience to build real-world JavaScript applications, work on projects and actually get stuff done.

  • How to think creatively and solve problems using different JavaScript features and concepts.

  • How you can write simple JavaScript applications using the fundamental data types like strings, numbers, booleans, and related properties and methods.

  • How you can code more efficiently by using variables to store values.

  • How you can manage and work with data in JavaScript using arrays.

  • How you can add dynamic logic and behavior to your application by using conditionals like if…else.

  • How you can build apps where the same or similar code is repeated multiple times using loops like for and while.

  • What functions are and how you can use them to write better code by reusing functionality.

  • How you can use objects to build better applications, how they work, why they are more important than they seem, and how to work with properties and methods.

Ready to learn JavaScript? Click on the big “Add To Cart” button and let’s get you started in your journey to becoming an awesome and amazing JavaScript developer!

See you on the inside…

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