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React for Absolute Beginners

React for Absolute Beginners
(238 reviews) | 15,140 developers enrolled

React for Absolute Beginners

Created by Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech ., Samy Eduonix

Last updated on 12/2018

The complete guide to professional app development in React.

The ultimate React course that teaches React using a hands-on, interactive approach, making it easier for even newbie developers to master React!

This epic React course not only helps break down the fundamentals of React, but also dives deep into how React works and the actual coding process that is required. At the end of this course, you will have a thorough working idea of React and you’ll even be able to build your own small projects.

With the growing importance of brilliant and interactive UIs, React has taken center stage at simplifying the process of building dynamic user interfaces, as well as websites and apps. Since, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for websites and apps, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are trying to build libraries and frameworks to help further it’s reach. And, React is one of the most popular ones that help you build custom HTML elements, which can develop powerful apps in a short time.

But, these frameworks and libraries aren’t always easy to learn and this is why we have designed this course. This course helps breakdown the difficult concepts, making it a lot simpler to understand even by the newbies who are just entering the development sector.

The course has been created to be fun, engaging and interactive, which means it doesn’t include simple lectures that talk over your head, but instead it opts for a more hands-on approach to the subject. The talented and experienced instructor keeps the subject light and fun. The tutorial also includes important learning tools such as quizzes and assignments that can help you get a firmer grasp on the subject.

The course covers a variety of different topics that are related to React such as JSX, looping, ES, Bug Fixing, States, Props, libraries, Actions, Redux, and so much more. Once, you’ve covered the entire array of subjects, you’ll still have a lot to do. You’ll use everything you’ve learnt in this course and actually utilize to build a small but effective project. This will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the principles, and also you’ll know what it takes to actually work with the library.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and take your very first step towards becoming a great web developer with this course!

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