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React Front To Back

React Front To Back
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React Front To Back

Created by Brad Traversy

Last updated on 07/2018

Learn & Master React With The Context API + Redux & Build a Real World Project With Firebase/Firestore

In this course you will learn to master React 16.3+ concepts including the new Context API as well as Redux. We will target certain concepts while progressively building real applications. Whether you have never touched React or have been working with it for a while and want to learn more and build some cool stuff, this course is for you. The final project will be a React/Redux client management panel which uses Firebase for authentication and Firestore for storing data.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  • What is React?

  • Dev Environment Setup

  • ES6+ Concepts - Classes, Arrow Functions, destructuring, async/await

  • Class Based & Functional Components

  • JSX Syntax & Expressions

  • Component Props

  • Managing Component Level State

  • Context API For App Level State

  • Component Lifecycle

  • HTTP Requests

  • Redux Store Setup

  • Redux Reducers & Actions

  • Redux Firebase/Firestore Integration

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