Hi. I'm Sascha Manns from Germany. Since 1986 im working with computers. Over the years i worked with a C64, i286, i386 and other computers. I real like to work with them. So i started programming with BASIC, then Visual Basic, Ruby, Python and now C#. I learned MySQL, MS-SQL and Intersystems Cachè. I worked with different APIs and technologies like SOAP and others.
Since a few years i'm working as Windows Insider.
Over the years i worked in the bank sector, the healthcare sector, and wrote cross-platform apps for customers. Also i worked inside the openSUSE Linux project and other open source projects. I wrote internal documentations and public books for different targets.

HTML & CSS 12 years Advanced

Linux (openSUSE, Ubuntu) 12 years Advanced

JavaScript 6 years Intermediate

Ruby 9 years Advanced

C# 7 years Intermediate

.NET Legacy / Core / 5.x 7 years Advanced

T-SQL/MS-SQL 5 years Advanced

SOAP 4 years Intermediate

MySQL 4 years Intermediate

Intersystems Cachè 3 years Beginner

SCRUM 3 years Intermediate

Windows Presentation Framework 4 years Intermediate

Microsoft Entity Relationship Framework 4 years Intermediate

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL1 & 2) 4 years Intermediate

Razor, Blazor WebAssembly 3 years Beginner


Software-Developer Hotfix

marcos software unicorn2.de

Jul 2021 to PresentBonn, Germany

Developing & Hotfix


Whitewater Foundry whitewaterfoundry.com

Dec 2020 to PresentMayen

Producing Linux distributions for Windows Subsystem for Linux.

  • Pengwin

Software Developer

Logis Softwareentwicklung logisgmbh.de

Mar 2020 to Aug 2020Andernach

* Modifying Reports for customer * Modifying the business logic of the app

App & Web Developer

CPS Solutions GmbH solutions-office.de

Mar 2018 to Dec 2019Mendig

* Creating Apps (Android & iOS) what reflects customers workflow * Creating and Managing Websites for customers * 1 & 2 Level Support

User Support / Abuse Management / Public Relations Desk

Open News Network e.V. open-news-network.org

Jan 2015 to Dec 2018Mayen, Germany

* Supporting new Users * Handling of Abuse messages and violations * Representing ONNO outside the world

Author Productmanagement

XCOM AG (now Fintech Group) fintech-group.com

Sep 2014 to Aug 2015Andernach

* Wrote Handbooks * Intern Documentation about the booking core program


ITSCare, Neuwied itscare.de

Feb 2014 to May 2014Neuwied

Dispatching the work for different teams

Community & Support Agent

open-slx Gmbh Nürnberg

Jan 2013 to Dec 2013Mayen

* Wrote Handbooks * Supporting the openSUSE Box


Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

Web Engineer, Computer Science

Jan 2014 to Dec 2014

* History of the internet * Basics about web technologies * Creating a web presence * Acessability for people with disabilities

Institut für Lernsysteme

Betriebswirt in Wirtschaftsinformatik, Angewandte Wirtschaftsinformatik

Jan 2012 to Dec 2014

Institut für Lernsysteme

IT computer technology application development, Computer Science

Apr 2019

* Object oriented programming with VB: Classes, Inheritance, UML, Windows-Userinterfaces, Forms & Grafic, Databases, SQL, ADO.NET, XML * MS Access: Basics, Database theory, VBA


Piratenpartei Deutschland piratenpartei.de

Gründungsmitglied SG Presse

Jan 2011 to Dec 2012Mayen

Gesellschaft für Informatik gi.de

Mitglied Fachgruppe Mobilität und Mobile Informationssysteme

Jan 2018Mayen

Competence Pass for Economists

Bundesverband Deutscher Volks- und Betriebswirte

Jan 2013

English ⋅ Reading and Writing




Falk König

Wir verlieren einen sympatischen und vertrauensvollen Kollegen. Deine Hilfe wird jetzt definitiv fehlen, aber du bist ein super Typ und wirst bestimmt etwas anderes und vor allem besseres finden.

Marco Antonio Flores

Sascha is an excellent leader and a very skilled one.

Andreas Jaeger

Sascha is currently the main driving force behind the openSUSE Weekly news letter. He works together with different community members world wide to create the newsletter. During his time as editor and due to his efforts, the weekly news team has grown.

Satoru Matsumoto

Sascha is one of the most active and enthusiastic members of the openSUSE Marketing team and the Second Chief-Editor of openSUSE Weekly News. I love so much working with him. ;-)

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