Our world is built on code, and through programming I can influence it and make it a better place in my own unique way. I'm a full stack engineer passionate for the front end. Like a large portion of the web development community, I've fallen in love with building applications using React. When I find the time, I'm excited to learn building DApps using Solidity and Ethereum.

My other passion is teaching. I made a career switch into software development in my mid 20's, and I've experienced first-hand how much work it requires to get involved and be successful. My goal is to help everyone be successful and learn the required skills to be a contributor on an engineering team. Check out my blog if you're interested in learning more!

Open Source Activity

Public Repos: 105
Pull Requests: 49
Contributed Repos: 14
Starred Repos: 190
Watched Repos: 74
Organizations: 3
Public Gists: 95